We have an EDGE* on the competition and a LIFETIME warranty!

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Welcome to Titan Knife Technologies where we have designed and engineered a

knife that is always sharp, never rusts, and is flexible and strong for precision filleting.


How did we do it? We handcraft our titanium fillet knives to work on the same principles that nature mastered millions of years ago. Read more about our Patented technology.

The self sharpening technology is Patented. Read our U.S. Patent click here...


Believe us when we say "This may well be the last fillet knife you will ever need."

 Titan Knife Overview

 Titan Knife Sheath

"In my opinion, this is the most significant advance in the art and science of cut that I have seen in over 55 years in the knife community."

                                                                                                                                       - Blade Magazine, Field Editor and Master Bladesmith, Ed Fowler

Because of its extreme durability and the strength of Titanium as compared to other metals commonly used in other knives, it can be used in the field as a hunting knife, a camping knife, a utility knife, a general-purpose knife, or an all-around companion knife.

Contoured Non-Slip Handle

Sizes to Fit YOUR needs!

   • 6 Inch Straight Solid Titanium Blade

   • 7 Inch Curved Solid Titanium Blade

   • 8 Inch Straight Solid Titanium Blade

   • 9 Inch Curved Solid Titanium Blade

   • 10 Inch Straight Solid Titanium Blade


Personalized Blades Available...

The Edge is Sharpened through Normal Use.

                                                        ...It Sharpens As You Use It!

"The best fillet knife I have ever used...It really works. This is the new age for fillet knives."

 - Blade Magazine, Field Editor, MSG Kim Breed


"Combining ancient traditions, blade geometry, and a specialized coating results in a super sharp fillet knife that retains sharpness for superior slicing."

- Florida Sport Fishing Journal


"Self-sharpening TITANIUM fillet knife?  The more I use it, the Author says, the better it cuts."    - Blade Magazine



United States Patent No. 8,592,711 for Self Sharpening

Apparatus and Method of Electronically Impregnating a Wear Resistant cutting edge

Personalized Blades

Our Guarantee 

We stand behind every knife we make. When you purchase and use one of our knives, if you are not completely satisfied or don't see a difference compared to other fillet knives, let us know. Whatever the reason, we will  refund your money (minus shipping + handling) within 90 days from the date of purchase. As long as you own a Titan knife, we will re-sharpen it, re-carbide it, or repair it (as long as you haven't abused it) for as long as you own the knife. Just pay for return postage and we will cover the repair cost as well as the postage to return it to you in like-new condition.


We do this because we are an American company that believes in superior customer service and providing the finest quality products.


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