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Why our knives are unique...

We believe this is the last knife you will ever need to buy. Built with a comfortable handle design and a lightweight blade that remains sharp after many uses, this knife is unlike any other. Our knives rarely need sharpening. When sharpening is desired this can easily be done with a few light strokes using any common knife sharpening tool.

Evolution and Technology Together

How it Works... 

Beavers‘ front teeth are very special - they have a harder enamel on the front and a softer enamel on the back creating a differential in hardness between the two sides. The more they use their teeth, the sharper they become.


We looked to nature to solve the problem of knives whose blade edges dull too quickly. Ever wonder how a beaver keeps it's teeth sharp over the course of it's life? It's simple and is the same concept we used to develop our knife edge technology. A beaver has a harder enamel on the front of it's tooth than it does on the back which creates a differential in the rate at which both sides wear. The softer back side wears away faster than the harder front side which keeps a fine edge at the tooth's tip. This led us to develop the technology of applying a hard coating on one edge and leaving a softer coating (knife's base metal) on the other edge to achieve the same result. This principle, combined with blade geometry, structure and material, has created this winning blade design.

Our Handle 

All Titan Knives feature our exclusive "Expanding Oval Geometry" handle designed for hours of use. The shape fits perfectly in your hand because it conforms to the human grip. The handle also expands outward and upward to prevent the knife from slipping out of your hand, especially after hours of use. The material used for the handle features a "Non-Slip" surface that works well wet or dry. The fabrication and all materials in the manufacturing are American Made. To see our handle and SOLID Titanium Blade in action click here.

• Our Convex Grinds and edges are hand done


• The advantage of a Convex edge is that it supports the cutting edge better by almost 4 times


• Convex edges hold their sharpness longer than a V bevel and are 4 times tougher. They are

  deceptively sharp.


• The knife stays sharper longer and will still cut long after a conventional V bevel has gone



• Convex edges are also very easy to maintain and restore.



Titan Knife Blade Design

Our knives are designed with performance, durability and cutting ease in mind. That’s why we chose the convex grind.


What is a Convex Grind edge?

Rather than a straight line to the edge, the taper on our blades is curved through a Convex Grind. This shape keeps more metal behind the edge making for a stronger more reinforced edge while still allowing for a high degree of sharpness. We use a very slim Convex Grind from the spine of the blade to the cutting edge which enables us to maximize flexibility and cutting accuracy while maintaining a stronger blade edge. At Titan Knife Technologies, we believe that the Convex Grind is the best overall design because it incorporates all the best characteristics to improve overall performance.  The Convex Grind requires more skill and additional manufacturing steps that drive up costs making it an uncommon design. However, to us, the best cutting edge is what we are after. It offers strength, flexibility and reduced friction from the blade.


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