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We have an EDGE* on the competition and a LIFETIME warranty!

 "I am satisfied this may well be the last fillet knife you

   will ever need, for once the advertising holds true..."

"We are Honored to have been featured in major magazines and receive daily praise from our satisfied customers."


"The unique design incorporates high quality materials and building techniques derived from Japanese samurai sword manufacturing."


"Combining ancient traditions, blade geometry, and a specialized coating results in a super sharp fillet knife that retains sharpness for superior slicing. - "Florida Sport Fishing Journal, "A Cut Above The Rest, 2014 Fillet Knife Guide [Staff Report]



"Self-Sharpening TITANIUM Fillet Knife?  The More He Uses The Pro-Fisherman, The Author Says, The Better It Cuts."

- Blade Magazine field editor MSG Kim Breed, 5th Special Forces (Retired), evaluated the Titan Knife Tech 8.5" Pro-Fisherman fillet knife.


"In my opinion, this is the most significant advance in the art and science of cut that I have seen in over 55 years in the knife community."  - Blade Magazine field editor and Master Bladesmith Ed Fowler concludes his article with his impression of our HEKE technology.



"I was born and raised in Florida and have fished my entire life. I have used many different brands of fillet knifes over the years but none of them compare to your Titan knife. Keep up the great work!" - Kevin St. Petersburg Florida




"I got two of the knives in the mail, the 6" multipurpose and the 12" commercial blade, first appearance is rugged as hell..."


"The bevel on the blade is insane, not your typical razor sharp fillet knife, this blade is LASER sharp and the edge appears much more durable."


"Okay, first test completed, I did the Hemp test with both knives... 200 cuts each through 1/4 inch rope and every cut was butter. Compared to other knives the most I have ever gotten is 76 cuts... and they both still shave the hair on my mother in laws back."


"First up... 40 pound AJ, holy crap says the first mate... this is like guiding a laser beam, the blade has fantastic control and you can feel every bump, bone, and parasite in the tail."


"The knife stayed on the bait table for 19 hours, every bait on the planet was chopped, cut, filleted, bonito strips were gathered... snake kings were chunked... test was successful and after leaving 24 hours of fish stuff all over the blade and handle I wiped it off with a towel and some water and the blade is gleaming!"




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