November, 2021. We are in the process of Setting up our shop and resuming production. The supplier chain issues have delayed materials from our supplies but we are overcoming them one-by-one. First orders on 7" curved available mid-Dec first deliveries Jan 2022. Thanks for your support.

Our 2 US Patents use the principle perfected in nature so our knives truly "Self-Sharpen" We changed the "Rate of Wear" to "Way of wear" The teeth of rodents self‑sharpen because their inner surface is softer than the outer enamel and wears away faster to create a sharp edge. They are kept sharp by a simple but very effective self-stropping process. The main body of the rodent incisor is made of dentine, but its front surface is covered by a thick and often brightly coloured layer of enamel which is even harder. The cutting edge of the tooth thus becomes shaped like a chisel. As the top incisors grind over the lower ones the dentine is worn away more quickly and this exposes the blade of enamel at the front keeping a sharp chisel edge.” (Attenborough 1979:246)

We have Changed our business model and will now include private label and R&D capabilities Specializing in Edge Cutting Technologies. We are working with several established companies to enhance our manufacturing and growth capabilities. These "Self Sharpening" technologies apply to a broad spectrum of applications such as; Lawn mower blades, scissors, garden tools, Sawzall style replacement blades, industrial blade and etc.

Owner: George Lambert 772-486-6720