In late 2020 during the effects on many businesses including ours caused by the pandemic we made the business decision to modify our operations and move to a new location. We have completed most of our relocation goals and will be beginning operations in Tampa, Florida after July 1, 2021. We have also been awarded a new patent which will add to our existing "Self-Sharpening" technology.

We will start accepting orders on the popular 7" Curved fillet knife in mid June 2021 with a new colored handle and leather sheath.

We are now a private label and R&D company Specializing in Edge Cutting Technologies. We are working with several established companies to enhance our manufacturing and growth capabilities. These "Self Sharpening" technologies apply to a broad spectrum of applications such as; Lawn mower blades, scissors, garden tools, Sawzall style replacement blades, industrial blade and etc.

Owner: George Lambert 772-486-6720

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