Hunter-Skinner with hand made leather sheath included

$ 175.00

This is a heavy duty affordable knife that will stand up to years of wear and tear all while holding it patented edge that lasts and lasts. Blade length is 4". The cutting edge measures 4" from tip to finger groove ( great for chocking up on grip) giving a large bellied cutting surface for maximum cutting performance.The solid titanium blade will never rust or react with various animal bodily chemicals. The lignum vitae (very hard wood) handle resists abuse and requires little or no maintenance. We developed this knife for the person that has a lot of cutting and skinning work and little time for sharpening or maintenance. Our grip is an oval and expanding curve design to stay firm in your hand while pushing away from you as you cut. It can also be used in a reverse or upside down grip for a pulling cut. Our slanted finger guard with blade finger groove (pointer finger) along with middle finger groove and thumb ramp make for a sure chock-up grip in tight and difficult areas to help make precision cuts. 

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